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International Phone Card Options

The GlobalPhone Card  is issued in several configurations shown below and can be pre-paid post-paid.  Pre-paid cards stop working after the fixed credit is consumed. Post-paid cards never expire and you are billed at the end of the month only for the call activity that you generate.  There are no monthly fees or hidden charges.

Post-paid phone card


International Calling Card Access In Over 80 Countries.  This option issues a random account code (PIN code) and lets you make calls in over 80- countries using local and toll free access numbers.  Add a callback trigger number at any time.  Billing is post-paid.


GlobalMobile Phone Card

PIN-less dialing from your US Mobile Phone.  Speed dial the US access number from your cell phone and you will be prompted to dial the international destination without having to enter a calling card number.  This convenient service lets you avoid the high rates and monthly fees of your cellular carrier.  It works overseas, but will prompt for your account code. Billing is post-paid.



International Callback Anywhere In The World.  Callback is great for all countries with high international calling rates, but especially if  there is no phone card  access number.  You trigger a call by calling a US number and hanging up before it answers, so you are not charged.  We callback within a few seconds and prompt you to dial your destination. Billing is post-paid.




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